Michael Thangadurai …

{November 23, 2009}   TOO HOT… stop plaguing me…


I’m a 25 year old lawyer who is actually expending time and energy to create these blog posts on Michael Thangadurai… but I can’t seem to desist or resist (for that matter).

FYI, go see my virgin blog post (I mean, my first blog post in September) to comprehend why I commenced this website… Sometimes, I baffle myself…

Anyway, moving on, I found these photos of him on facebook and interesting things came to mind… lol (in righteous fashion, I declare that I own absolutely and most definitively NO INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS to these photos… they solely belong to whomever they belong to…)

Yes, Michael in a bar with a subtle but almost empty glass of red wine? I think this was taken when he used to tour in Europe because he sported long hair then… Separately, I need to GRUMBLE ABOUT SOMETHING… I almost shot myself when I saw this photo and then I looked up at the heavens (of course, in my case, it was the ceiling in my room) and I asked the ALMIGHTY LORD if he was taunting me BECAUSE MICHAEL IN THIS PICTURE LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE MY FRIEND WHO HAD REBONDED HAIR ONCE (even the earrings) My friend still looks like Michael actually… goodness me… If people weren’t privy to the fact that this was Michael, they would think it was my friend…

MICHAEL OR MY FRIEND?!?! Now, I'm just plain confused... DAMN lol

Okay 3 more to go and he’s equally hot in all 3.

Sometimes I pretend to be Michael when I walk around in my hoodie... Dysfunctional dissociation right? (Yes, I know)

I am a girl… a VERY HETEROSEXUAL girl… but yes I do channel Michael’s spirit sometimes… I don’t know. Things I do remind me of things he does…

I think he's at home for this shot and that's his cupboard... Let there be some hot girl behind the camera taking those stills... It'd be too sad otherwise.

As a side note, did you people realise? The poor guy is constantly plagued with eye bags… The only time I remember quite distinctly where his eyes weren’t bagging was when he was bagging compliments from Mumtaj after doing the trio dance with Shiva, Rinson and Abi. (Personally, I think Mumtaj felt bad for showering gushing praises on Satish earlier in that day’s shoot after Satish did his celebrity dance with Priya. Perhaps, Mumtaj felt that she had never given Michael the compliments that were long overdue…) When she praised him his response was so affable and cute and AH HA i finally noticed (NO EYE BAGS – yay!! the dude has tiny eyes – but men shouldn’t have HUGE EYES with SWIMMING LASHES – LEAVE THOSE TO THE LADIES).

Deepavali Celebration in Singapore

 I had to crack my head for the longest time before I could place the location of this photo by Michael and Shiva. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks, like a poor man’s lottery, like a thirsty man’s distilled water? THIS IS THEM IN SINGAPORE… They’re sporting the exact outfits and looks they did on the night they came down to Singapore for the Deepavali Celebration “Bonanza”… They also look severely dehydrated and tired… (yup, they’re most certainly stuck in mind-numbingly humid Singapore) Michael was literally, slowly but surely, dripping down the front of his shirt during his performance (AHEM, yum).
Then another thought hit me!!! Surely, this was not a meal they were treated to in their only night in Singapore!!! A NONDESCRIPT KOPI SHOP ALONG SERANGOON… I could spit on myself… RIDICULOUS… OF all the delicious assortment of places they could have been treated to, they get brought to a KOPI KADAI? Goodness me… Poor fellows… I’m hoping that the alternative case scenario ensued – they were walking along Serangoon after their performance and the guys in the photos recognised them and called them to join in for a photo. (PLEASE let the latter be the case).

AHHH THIS PHOTO – this is the one after Guna and Michael won this challenge (dancing with one prop) – the one I blogged about below where Michael excitedly hugs Guna almost in a child-like manner.
I wonder if Michael smokes… He gets breathless more easily these days as compared to Jodi and when he gets breathless he always gently refuses the mike when he is offered the mike after the performance. Being around groups of guy pals would make one dance more, drink more and smoke more… Just wondering… hehe No complains though…

He wsa sporting this look in June – remember how i mentioned in my blog below that he loves to work on his image… haha this was the gruff image – this was for a non-competitve round where he played Kaaka Kaaka Surya with Guna and Kamalesh… he also *ahem* tried grinding Mumtaj when he was sporting this image (he was wearing tanks and berms for that one though) I remember when Rinson was the little thief and Michael and Guna and Kamalesh had to repeat this line and Michael missed his cue – then Guna patted him on his shoulder to turn and they both were trying so hard not to laugh… – was funny – SEE I NOTICE EVERYTHING…

See the girl behind giving him fleeting looks... I don't quite blame her.

vest - i like...

He looks so tired in this picture hence, probably not a professional photographer behind the camera otherwise they would have redid his make-up etc. Prob a friend or a girlfriend, perhaps? Sigh, the way he moves those hips, lucky girlfriend… lol

Beautiful man, GHASTLY LOOKING COUCH – seriously, blue and yellow daisies???

I’m going to give myself cardiac arrest if the obsession doesn’t come to a standstill for tonight… I shall continue at a later date…

As a passing note, Shiva constantly gripes about how Michael gets all the ladies… Shiva, you’re hot too  alright? You just don’t know it yet. Michael does though. Main difference, easy do-over…

Wait wait, 2 more k?

Don’t you wanna run your fingernails on that back? I mean… *ahem* How can a thick gold chain like that look so hot on a neck? THANGAdurai indeed. lol

I love that chain so much that I constantly look out for it when he performs. He never had it during Jodi. I think he bought it with the money from the Jodi win.

WATTAP?! – Alright, you can’t chide me for my neanderthal wanderings as to what lies BENEATH — I mean, do you see the way his pair of jeans flow/fold/move?

OKAY CONTROL EXERCISED – mission aborted at 12 to 12 midnight…


Anaemssex says:

I highly enjoyed reading this post, keep on writing such exciting stuff!!

Sona says:

mick you look so attractive mam
I love you
If i get a chance to meet you i would like to have *** with you

Sona says:

mick you look so attractive mam
I love you

anu says:

I love u a lot michael……………

anu says:

hi………..mick ur tooooooooooooo hot da machi…………

tharika says:

Michael your soo HOT!!! I love you daa.

nandini says:

hai michael h ru

nandini says:

hai michael how r u and your not coming to jodi no 1 season4 i miss you

nandini says:

how is your sister priya and priya lover satish

nandini says:

hai michael please come to manada mayilada part5 i miss ur performance
this is my humble request to u so please make it up, and take care bye from ur friend nandini jessy

sha says:

michael u r soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo handsome.i love u sooooooooooooooooooooo much.i wan to c u.cum to me da.

mEgA says:


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